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UV index and ozone at a location

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Forecast data in a single netCDF file that covers the whole world (sample Python tool to extract the forecast for a given location).


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  This tool returns the forecasts of the UV index and the total ozone column for the 0.25° by 0.25° grid cell that contains the user-specified location at local solar noon of today and the coming 5 days for clear-sky conditions and in the absence of snow. The forecasts are based on assimilated ozone data of GOME-2.
  14 Jun 2024 6.7   365.7 DU
  15 Jun 2024 5.6   420.4 DU
  16 Jun 2024 5.6   424.2 DU
  17 Jun 2024 5.8   411.0 DU
  18 Jun 2024 5.8   409.1 DU
  19 Jun 2024 6.5   376.5 DU
UV grid cell data:
centre lon, lat = -122.125, 47.375
average elevation = 123 (± 63) m


last modified: 21 May 2024
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