Daily UV index and UV dose data from MSR-2
in yearly netCDF files

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UV archive

Archives of maps and data files of individual days:
      Clear-sky UV index:   erythemal
      Daily UV dose:   erythemal  |  vitamin-D  |  DNA-damage
The standard UV data archive − accessible through the links above −
provides maps and links to HDF-4 data files for individual days.

This page provides the daily UV data gathered together
in yearly netCDF files; climatologies are not yet available.

Note that the MSR-2 record has only cloud-free data.

select year data coverage data set prefix

world  |  europe
world  |  europe
world  |  europe
world  |  europe
clear-sky erythemal UV index & ozone field
clear-sky erythemal UV dose
clear-sky vitamin-D UV dose
clear-sky DNA-damage UV dose


Data files can also be downloaded with a script, for example, using wget:
     wget https://www.temis.nl/uvradiation/v2.0/msr2/nc/2020/uvdvc2020_msr_world.nc
     wget https://www.temis.nl/uvradiation/v2.0/msr2/nc/2018/uvddc2018_msr_europe.nc
where the first 5 characters of the data file name (such as uvdvc) is the prefix
listed in the last column of the table above.

Sample Python tool to extract a time series for a given location.

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