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UV index and ozone at a location

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  This tool returns the forecasts of the UV index and the total ozone column for a user-specified location at local solar noon of today and the coming 6 days for clear-sky conditions and in the absence of snow. The forecasts are based on assimilated ozone data of GOME-2. To find the location of a certain place, you can use the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names.


  30 Mar 2015 4.6   362.2 DU
  31 Mar 2015 4.9   350.7 DU
  1 Apr 2015 5.4   327.9 DU
  2 Apr 2015 5.3   338.9 DU
  3 Apr 2015 4.3   398.9 DU
  4 Apr 2015 4.3   404.7 DU


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