HCHO dataset citations (including DOI)

The QA4ECV datasets are linked to a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) -- one per product, per data version and per satellite instrument -- to enable direct referencing of the dataset, e.g. when using the dataset in a publication.

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OMI / EOS-Aura   (2004-2016)
De Smedt, I., Theys, N., Yu, H., Danckaert, T., Lerot, C., Compernolle, S., Van Roozendael, M., Richter, A., Hilboll, A., Peters, E., Pedergnana, M., Loyola, D., Beirle, S., Wagner, T., Eskes, H., van Geffen, J., Boersma, K.F., and Veefkind, P., (2017)
Algorithm Theoretical Baseline for formaldehyde retrievals from S5P TROPOMI and from the QA4ECV project
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., in review.
De Smedt, I., Yu, H., Richter, A., Beirle, S., Eskes, H., Boersma, K.F., Van Roozendael, M., Van Geffen, J., Lorente, A. and Peters, E., (2017)
QA4ECV HCHO tropospheric column data from OMI (Version 1.1) [Data set].
Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy.
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GOME-2 / METOP-A   (2007-2015)
SCIAMACHY / ENVISAT   (2002-2012)
GOME / ERS-2   (1995-2002)