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How to download multiple datafiles from TEMIS without clicking each data file ?

For downloading purposes, the wget browser can be very useful; this browser exists for both UNIX/Linux and Windows.


Where can I find wget ?

The program wget is usually available on linux/unix systems.
For installation on unix or windows environment, see the WGET home page.

I am too lazy to read the manual. How do I use wget ?

For your convenience, a few examples follow here:

1 month of ozone column data from SCIAMACHY:

  wget -A gz -r -l1 -nH -N -a "logfile"

1 year of NO2 data from OMI:

  wget -A tar -r -l1 -nH -N -a "logfile"



If you plan to use any information you obtained from the TEMIS website publicly, you will need to add some form of credits, for example:

Copyright © TEMIS/ESA;
And please inform us where and how you use the data.

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