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Tropospheric NO2 on 06 October 2022

Regional Tropospheric NO2 of 06 October 2022
NO2 data file (~4.5 Gb)

Note on the contents of the offline data file

The offline data files offered here for download are a .tar archive of the orbit files of the current day. These orbit files are a volume-reduced version (by about 50%) of the official TROPOMI/S5P NO2 L2 orbit product and to make this clear the string "_reduced" is added to the orbit file names. This reduction is performed on the version v2.4.0 and following data. Removed are the O2-O2 and FRESCO cloud data groups (cloud data which is used in the processing is in INPUT_DATA), most diagnostic fields from the DOAS spectral fit, and some other rarely used fields. All global attributes and part but not all of the metadata are retrained.

The qa_value of the v2.4.0 OFFL files between 25 July 2022 and 12 March 2023 has been updated to correct for an unfortunate bug; see here for details. This update is marked by an additional global attribute and two attributes of the qa_value variable, as well as an extra data variable qa_value_updated_flag that shows which groundpixels received an updated qa_value.

The full original orbit files are available via, e.g., ESA's Sentinal-5P Data Hub.



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