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Operational UV data processing

Input to the operational UV index and UV dose processing is the TEMIS operational assimilated global ozone field derived from satellite instruments, namely the processing that started with measurements from the SCIAMACHY instrument (01 July 2002 up to 31 March 2012) and the GOME-2A instrument (from 01 April 2012 onwards).

For the UV index and UV dose processing we use the global ozone field at local solar noon, i.e. at the moment the sun in highest in the sky, interpolated from the initial resolution of 1.5 by 1.0 degrees to the UV grid of 0.25 by 0.25 degrees.


Multi Sensor Reanalysis UV data processing

At a later stage we plan to add clear-sky UV index and clear-sky UV dose data for the full period for which the Multi Sensor Reanalysis (MSR) ozone record is available.

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last modified: 16 August 2017
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