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Example of the time series of the erythemal UV index & UV dose

The following graphs give as an example the time evolution of the ozone, the erythemal UV index and the erythemal UV dose for Rome. The left columns shows graphs for the full period that data is avaliable (1 August 1995 and 31 May 2003), the right column focusses in on the year 2002.

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Ozone column for Rome 1995-2003 Ozone column for Rome 2002
Ozone column value at local solar noon in Dobson Units (DU) for Rome.
UV index for Rome 1995-2003 UV index for Rome 2002
Clear-sky erythemal UV index at local solar noon for Rome (1 unit equals 25 mW/m2).
UV dose for Rome 1995-2003 UV dose for Rome 2002
Daily erythemal UV dose in kJ/m2 for Rome. The red dots are the erythemal UV dose using Meteosat cloud cover. the green line shows the UV dose assuming the sky is cloud-free, and the blue line shows the UV dose assuming the sky is fully clouded.


If you are interested to see whether these quantities have changed over time with respect to the daily average over the whole period, see this separate page.


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