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Tropospheric ozone column

European Space Agency



The global tropospheric ozone column from 0 to 6 km is presented here. The column is derived by simultaneous assimlating ozone profiles of GOME-2 and OMI.

The following plot shows tn example of the tropospheric ozone field.  

Tropospheric ozone column


OMI/GOME-2A (Level 4 processor:TMDAM, level2-processor: OPERA v.1.36) 2008-2011:
   data & images : daily data  |  monthly mean data
time series


When the data is used in scientific publications, please refer to the following publication:

van Peet, J.C.M., R.J. van der A, H.M. Kelder, P.F. Levelt, Assimilation of ozone profiles, ACP, in preparation, 2017


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