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page last modified:
23 January 2004
The implementation of the TEMIS service will result from direct interactions with parties interested in the tropospheric satellite data products. The final choice of data sets that will be delivered through the TEMIS internet service will depend on the requests and requirements from these users.

For TEMIS three main groups of potential users with several subgroups are identified:

Public & government
  1.1   Surveillance of air pollution and air quality
  1.2   UV index providers
  1.3   Numerical weather prediction groups
  1.4   Environmental organisations (including non-governmental)
  1.5   Educational organisations
  1.6   Organisations within development co-operation
  1.7   Policymakers (related to the Kyoto and Montreal protocol)
  2.1   Atmospheric science community
  2.2   Support for scientific campaigns and validation campaigns
  2.3   Atmospheric modelling (emission inventories)
  2.4   Biological/medical research
  2.5   Scientific assessment (IPCC)
  3.1   Airline companies
  3.2   Heavy industry (oil companies, power plants)
  3.3   Other commercial enterprises

Potential users of each of these subgroups were contacted during the definition phase of TEMIS (Nov. 2001 - May 2002). Users from the groups 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are involved at an early stage of the implementation phase of project. Users from other groups will probably use the service as soon as it is operational. From these user groups feedback will be requested in order to further develop the service. It is expected that users of group 1.1, 2.2 and 2.3 will participate in the validation process of the products.

The TEMIS services will be developed around the requirements of 8 main users (their interests and activities are introduced on a separate page):

  • RIVM - Netherlands
  • ECMWF - Great Britain
  • Groupe L'Oreal - France
  • ARPA Emilia Romagna Meteo. Service branch - Italy
  • ITC - Netherlands
  • VAAC / Météo France - France
  • NABEL / EMPA - Switzerland
  • BUWAL - Switzerland
These users are identified as motivated users: the products of TEMIS can be of help to improve their current activities and they can help the TEMIS team with the validation of the products. Other users of the data products are, of course, always welcome to join. If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact the TEMIS team.