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Total ozone (O3)

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23 January 2004
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Total ozone

The GOME and SCIAMACHY total ozone column product is the integrated ozone amount from the ground to the top of the atmosphere. Most often it is retrieved with the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique.

Fast Delivery Service of ozone columns and global fields

The total ozone column is one of the data products of the GOME fast delivery service at KNMI: the total ozone column is retrieved in near-real time, i.e. within 3 hours after the actual observation. The following figure shows as an example the results of 2 October 2002.


FD total ozone column, 2 October 2002

The GOME Fast Delivery service is operational since 1998, and includes both level-2 ozone columns and level-4 global ozone fields in near-real time. The following figure is the global fiels of 2 October 2002.


FD global ozone, 2 October 2002

The Fast Delivery ozone columns are used in an increasing number of applications, such as assimilation of satellite ozone data in Numerical Weather Prediction model (e.g. the ECMWF model). By assimilating GOME ozone columns in the ECMWF model, a better description of the stratospheric dynamics, the temperatures and the radiation and heating in the model can be expected. Other applications of the Fast Delivery service are monitoring of the status of the ozone layer, and improving the forecast of surface UV radiation.

In combination with forecasts of wind and temperature fields, the data assimilation provides a forecast of the global ozone fields, giving the possibility to also provide a forecast of the surface UV radiation. These forecasts are currently available via the GOME fast delivery service at KNMI.

Within the TEMIS project, the GOME Fast Delivery service will be continued for the lifetime of the GOME instrument. And it will be extended to include near-real time SCIAMACHY data.