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April 2005
TEMIS aims to compute and deliver global concentrations of tropospheric trace gases, and aerosol and UV products derived from observations of nadir-viewing satellite instruments such as GOME, SCIAMACHY and (A)ATSR. TEMIS is part of the Data User Programme (DUP) of the European Space Agency (ESA). The service of TEMIS centres around the four themes.

The data products within each of the services are listed and linked to at the TEMIS home page.

The following table provides a list of the main product groups and gives links to brief product introductions.


links lead to product service pages
links lead to product brief introductions
Support to
Air pollution monitoring
Tropospheric ozone (O3)
Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)
Cloud fraction & top pressure
Support to
UV radiation monitoring
UV index & UV dose
Support to
Protocol monitoring
Total ozone (O3) *
Bromine monoxide (BrO)
Support to
Aviation control
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

 *) This product is the total column of ozone in troposphere and stratosphere.

Also available is an overview of the data product users
and some details on the main users of TEMIS.


Initially, the TEMIS project also contained the following data products, intended to be retrieved from measurments of the SCIAMACHY instrument. Due to lacking quality and to delays in the delivery of the data, these products have been removed from the TEMIS project. For completeness, the brief product introductions have been retained.