Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate

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Access the archive of Assimilated Ozone Fields based on TOMS,
SBUV, GOME, SCIAMACHY, OMI and GOME-2 measurements by
selecting a date in the menu above.

Three images of the selected date for 12h UTC will appear here:
a global image, and polar views of the south pole and north pole.

Data is available between 01 April 1970 and 31 December 2017.

The data assimilation program (TM3-DAM) does not only make
the assimilated field but it also gives a details model forecast
error estimate.This estimated error will in general be largest in
areas from which no data is available.
If the forecast error is larger than 25 DU in a grid cell, the ozone
column value for that cell is not plotted in the graphs; instead, the
grid is marked grey.