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DOMINO version 2.0, 2004-today (Product Specification v2.0)
individual days  |  monthly mean  |  overpass data
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  DOMINO version 2, 2004-2011, Europe only
Monthly tar files of daily OMI NO2 measurements over Europe
GOME-2: TM4NO2A version 2.1 (2007-today):
individual days  |  monthly mean  |  overpass data
SCIAMACHY:  TM4NO2A version 2.0 (2002-today):
individual days  |  monthly mean
GOME: TM4NO2A version 2.0 (1996-2003):
individual days  |  monthly mean

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When the data is used in scientific publications, please refer to the following publication:

For OMI version 2 data:
Boersma, K. F., H. J. Eskes, R. J. Dirksen, R. J. van der A, J. P. Veefkind, P. Stammes, V. Huijnen, Q. L. Kleipool, M. Sneep, J. Claas, J. Leitao, A. Richter, Y. Zhou, and D. Brunner, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 4, 1905-1928, 2011

For OMI version 1 data:
Boersma, K.F., H.J. Eskes, J.P. Veefkind, E.J. Brinksma, R.J. van der A, M. Sneep, G.H.J. van den Oord, P.F. Levelt, P. Stammes, J.F. Gleason and E.J. Bucsela, Near-real time retrieval of tropospheric NO2 from OMI, Atm. Chem. Phys., 2013-2128, sref:1680-7324/acp/2007-7-2103, 2007

Boersma, K.F., H.J. Eskes and E.J. Brinksma, Error Analysis for Tropospheric NO2 Retrieval from Space, J. Geophys. Res. 109 D04311, doi:10.1029/2003JD003962, 2004.

We request that you include the following acknowledgment:
"We acknowledge the free use of tropospheric NO2 column data from the YYY sensor from"
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The NO2 data products of GOME-2 were generated using level 1 data developed within the O3MSAF project of EUMETSAT.