NRT data disclaimer:

OMI Near Real Time (NRT) data are being distributed at no cost to the users to promote scientific utilization of OMI data with the stipulation that the users of the data agree to follow the policy described below:

OMI Publication Policy:
Production of scientific data from a satellite instrument requires a team of highly dedicated people whose contributions often do not get acknowledged in publications. It is strongly advised that in publications resulting from the use of OMI data relevant members of the OMI team be invited to be co-authors. Please contact the OSAB for the co-author recommendation.

OMI Science Advisory Board (OSAB):
The OSAB consist of members selected by the three participating countries: Pieternel Levelt, OMI PI, KNMI, The Netherlands (; Johanna Tamminen, OMI Co-PI, FMI, Finland (; and Pawan Bhartia, OMI US Science Team Leader, NASA GSFC, USA (

The OMI data provision via this web-interface is part of the TEMIS project within the framework of the Data User Programma of ESA.

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